The FCX is an oil-fired condensing boiler, capable of efficiencies as high as 97% as rated by the EPA Energy Star program.  Since its installation in 2006 it has been in continual use, without a down day, at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) <YouTube> on the UAF Campus in Fairbanks.  The FCX has proven itself under the most extreme and toughest arctic conditions in Alaska from Buckland to Kodiak.  It is the most efficient oil-fired boiler available in the US and there are over 100 installations in the Fairbanks area alone.

Condensing boilers whether gas or oil fired are the most efficient technology available in boiler design.  While relatively new to the US, condensing boilers are the standard of high efficiency in Europe.  In fact, in Britain it is required by law that condensing boilers be installed.

Click on the Wikipedia site link, (Condensing Boiler), for an extensive discussion and explanation of this technology.

This site covers the fundamentals of condensing technology, but it more importantly gives practical and detailed information on whether a condensing boiler is a good choice for you.  The how’s and why’s of condensing technology are covered in depth, and also the specifics on the installation “do’s and don’ts”.  Maintenance, and tuning for fully optimizing a condensing boiler installation are also provided.  It is an educational and technical site focusing on giving the individual, whether home owner or installer, practical and detailed advice on installing, optimizing, and maintaining a condensing boiler.

The FCX is manufactured by Geminox which is located in France. Geminox was created in 1987. In 2012, Geminox became Bosch Thermotechnologie which also includes Buderus, but is currently marketed under the Geminox name. It is the largest producer of welded steel boilers in France producing over 50,000 per year marketed throughout Europe and Great Britain.  Monitor Corporation (MPI) who partnered with Geminox formerly marketed the FCX in the US.  Lucky Distributing, based in Portland OR, currently imports the FCX directly from Geminox.  Along with the change in hierarchies, Lucky has provided additional burner options and a larger boiler more suited to some applications and retrofits.

Without question, the FCX is the most efficient and cost effective choice in oil-fired condensing boilers in the US.